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Secure eFroms Improves Your Patient’s Experience

With advances in technology taking place all around us, more and more dentists are beginning to adapt and utilize specific technologies to help improve their practices. From marketing and scheduling to equipment and security, dentists are more savvy and aware of their patient's needs and expectations.

Secure eForms brings you an affordable, HIPAA compliant, standalone solution to your front desk. Our online patient registration form software creates efficiency for your schedule, reduces patient wait times, cuts out the use of paper, and most importantly, remains incredibly convenient for your patients to use virtually anywhere, on any device.

Put your trust into an evolutionary patient registration form software to help your practice grow.

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Secure eForms In Action

  • Fully HIPAA Complaint
  • Practice Branded Forms
  • Smartphone & Tablet Friendly
  • Reduce Patient Intake Time
  • Improve Office Efficiency
  • Smooth e-Signature Fields

HIPAA Compliance Is #1 Priority

Protecting privacy and personal health information is becoming more and more important each day to many privately owned practices, to large dental groups. Secure eForms takes security and remaining HIPAA compliant very seriously. Only your practice can see your patients' forms in a secure portal with around-the-clock uptime and layers of encryption.

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Save Your Practice & Patients Time

When doctors have new patients showing up late, or maybe even on-time, yet forgot to fill out the printed forms, they create delays. These delays cause frustration among other patients waiting to be seen and less time for doctors to be treating. With Secure eForms submitted online beforehand, your patients just need to show up. You reduce no-shows and wait time to run a more efficient and profitable practice.

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Convenience In Mobile

These days people expect new websites and software apps to function and flow smoothly on their smartphones or tablets. With your growing patient base always on the "Go", Secure eForms creates an experience that caters to those who don't have time to print off paper PDFs and allows patients to easily and conveniently submit their forms, securely, right from their mobile devices.

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